A Monsoon Adventure at Rock Valley Goa

The Rains and Rock Valley Goa

With the onset of the monsoon season, Rock Valley Goa is here to prove that adventure resorts aren’t just for dry weather! Set amidst the rolling hills of the Western Ghats, this vibrant area receives rain galore each year – bringing to life the ever-expanding species of greenery all around. The three waterfalls on the property come alive, feeding the forest and providing picturesque views that you won’t find anywhere else. And the views from the infinity pools are nothing short of magical! A leisurely swim with friends and family as the rain falls lightly around you…We bet it’s an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on! 

With around 200 acres of greenery as far as the eye can see, the flora-filled landscape situated at Khandepar in Ponda with easy access to the city is only enhanced dury the monsoons and is a nature enthusiast’s dream. The resort seeks to prove that beaches and parties are only a tiny part of Goan culture – the forests, farmland, and budding wildlife are at it’s heart!

Exciting Activities for Everyone

The many activities here don’t slow down because of the rains! Goa’s longest zipline is here to send you flying over a lush landscape that will take your breath away, and the ATV rides, high rope courses, and valley walks are sure to bring you closer to the flora and fauna that call Rock Valley their home. Educate yourself on the wide range of native plants at the adventure resort, with an insightful Spice Tour that takes you through the property and holds treasures such as a Heritage House and Fenny Distillery. Besides these, our brand-new activities – Shooting, Human Gyro, and Bungee _______ are all set to provide you with an adrenaline-filled experience.

The Resort itself is made up of various cottages and offers accommodations that are the ideal size for a family and face either the on-site pools or the mountains. To make your stay comfortable, even in stormy weather, facilities including private balconies, lounging spaces, cable TV, telephones, bottled drinks, and wardrobes are available. The Family Cottages are big enough to hold 5–6 people, while the small Wooden Cottages can fit 1-2 people comfortably. Each cottage has a patio, a connected bathroom, and free breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The delicious Western, Italian, and authentic Goan cuisines are to die for! On request, there are also vegetarian alternatives, buffets, and barbecues.

So, what are you waiting for? Let this monsoon be a season to remember at an adventure resort tailor-made for you and your family!

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