Soar Through The Canopy On Goa’s Longest Zipline

Ziplining At A Jungle Resort In Goa
Enclosed by forests, farmlands, and fertile slopes of the Western Ghats, Rock Valley Goa is here to offer you the chance of a lifetime with a ziplining adventure through the trees! Home to the longest zipline in Goa, fly over countless acres of lush vegetation and experience breathtaking views as you challenge yourself to face your fears and soar higher.  With a wide range of premium wooden cottages, Rock Valley Goa provides a luxurious escape that will satisfy the budding nature enthusiast in you. The endless variety of nature trails, valley walks, and bird watching trails coupled with ATV rides and high rope courses are sure to be a great accompaniment to the thrill of experiencing the longest zipline in Goa. 

Mouth-watering Dishes For The Adventurer In You
We know you’ll be hungry after your ride the longest zipline in Goa! Rock Valley offers complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all cottages, with authentic Goan, Western, and Italian cuisines. Locally grown produce and skilled hands come together to bring out the best flavour in every meal, so you can recharge after ziplining and get ready to do it all over again. Vegetarian options, buffets, and barbecues are available on request, and if you just want to relax after an exciting ride, lounge in any of our gorgeous infinity pools and take in the scenic surroundings from a different point of view.

All You Need To Know About Ziplining At Rock Valley Goa
Whether you’ve done it once or a hundred times before, the thrill of ziplining never gets old. And if this is your first time…Welcome! While it may seem scary at first glance, ziplining is a great way to overcome your fear of heights and let loose, all while being in a perfectly safe and controlled environment. Helmets, harnesses, and an instructor to guide you through the process are just a few of the precautions that ensure you get the most out of this adventure in the safest way possible. A few tips for you to maximise your ziplining experience:

  • Wear sturdy shoes that won’t accidentally fall off mid-flight. Leave your flip-flops and sandals for on-ground adventures! 
  • Comfortable clothing is a must – you don’t want ill-fitting outfits to come in the way of having a good time.
  • We recommend not keeping valuable items and gadgets in your pockets. And while you may want to take selfies and videos during the ride, we’d rather if you didn’t ruin your stay by accidentally losing expensive gadgets mid-flight.
  • Sunscreen and bug repellent are optional but advisable, as the forest is full of surprises that you’d rather be prepared for.
  • Finally, always, ALWAYS listen to your instructor, and follow every safety precaution and protocol no matter how tedious it is. If you abide by the rules and make the most out of the many opportunities Rock Valley Goa has to offer, your ziplining experience is bound to be a roaring success!

So what are you waiting for? Come on over to Rock Valley and ride the longest zipline in Goa! For Bookings go to or call 7722016994

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