5 Things You Can Do This World Tourism Day

Humans have had the nature to travel and explore for as long as we can remember. This tendency to explore and this touristic nature has led to great inventions and discoveries. World tourism day celebrates exactly this feeling of going out and traversing through the various elements of nature in the world and gaining enjoyment and knowledge from it.

Every traveller needs to be celebrated and appreciated. And on part of the travellers, they need to go on more explorations. This World Tourism Day, be a tourist and explore places and do various activities to enjoy yourself. We provide you, in this list, 5 things you can do on 27 September to celebrate the tourist instinct inside you.

1. Zipline

A thrilling and adventurous day in nature is just what is needed sometimes! We know how exhausting day-to-day life can be and how draining it is to repeat the same routine every day. As a refresher, get on the longest zipline that Goa has to offer in Rock Valley! The view from the top as you rush through the clean air and see the cotton-like clouds on top of the hilltops is spectacular. The moment you are hanging in the air above the beautiful nature will be a memory that you will treasure forever!

2. Spice Tour

Rock Valley has a spice tour with the most refreshing and enriching spices. The tour does a great job of bringing you closer to nature and provides you with amazing sceneries and wildlife that will make you fall in love with the farm. The tour also consists of a visit to the Heritage House that showcases feni distillation and cow dung cake floors. This tour, filled with education, is something that you should definitely try!

3. Kayaking

The peace and serenity that you get on the water whilst you kayak in the amazing weather is a core memory and a beautiful one at that for World Tourism day. Rock Valley provides you with the perfect adventure at the backwaters of the resort. A calm and peaceful float in the water or an adventurous ride, whatever you choose, you’re bound to have fun!

4. Bird Watching

The best thing you can do as a tourist is to explore the ecosystem of a place and get to know more about the environment. Getting to the birds at Rock Valley is an activity that will give you immense happiness as you watch the birds dwell in their natural habitats. It’s a learning experience and a fun one too, so the tourist in you would absolutely love it!

5. High Rope Course

An adventurous way to fulfill your touristic needs is to engage yourself amongst the treetops on the High Rope Course at the Rock Valley Resort. Challenge yourself to go to heights and have exhilarating fun. A fun time is sure to ensue as you find yourself amongst nature and have a thrilling time.

Spend your World Tourism Day at Rock Valley Goa this year and have the best time exploring and experiencing nature. Have the greatest stay and spend the day with an adventure that will stay in your memories forever!